Finally! You Can Stay Out Late In London

It was supposed to have begun a year ago, but it finally started a few weeks ago: The London Tube system is staying open past midnight. At least on weekends. At least on two major lines.

Difficult labor relations caused the long delay in staying open late. But Londoners and certainly restaurants and pubs are delighted that at least some of the city’s residents can get home by Tube, which is far faster than by bus and far cheaper than by cab or Uber.

Later this year, three additional lines are scheduled to join the late-night crowd, but for now the Central and Victoria lines are major lines that will benefit many residents and visitors. Despite fears of rowdy riders and people throwing up in Tube stations, the first couple of weekends have gone off smoothly.

And the news hours will impact the economy, as well. If folks frequenting pubs in London weekends buy just one more pint than they do now, London will see about a $100 million windfall. And late-night shift workers are also happy to see what Londoners are calling the “Night Tube.”

On your next visit to London, have an after-theater drink and ride the “Night Tube.”


— Rudy Maxa