Hong Kong and Bangkok

Hong Kong and Bangkok
Travel journalist, public TV travel host and broadcaster Rudy Maxa and Washington, DC, restaurateur Daisuke Utagawa explore the delights of these two exciting cities–Hong Kong and Bangkok–in the latest edition of Rudy Maxa’s World.

Hong Kong, Part 1.
In the historic world trading hub of Hong Kong, the cuisine reflects a voraciousness on the part of locals who take the dishes of other cultures and make them their own. Hong Kong is an exciting, vibrant food city whose Cantonese offerings are respected worldwide. Join Rudy Maxa and Daisuke Utagawa as they explore the delights of one of the world’s most exciting cities.

Hong Kong, Part 2.
The culinary tour continues along with a look at some of the favorite places in Hong Kong frequented by Rudy and Daisuke.

In Thailand’s capital city, street food rules. Cooking and dining are outside adventures.  Because of its hot climate, Bangkok residents often don’t prepare food at home. They prefer to frequent tens of thousands of street food vendors who offer a stunning variety of freshly prepared foods. Travel journalist Rudy Maxa and Washington, DC, restaurateur Daisuke Utagawa tour Bangkok and pay special attention to the city’s varied cuisine.

Runtime approximately 75 minutes