Argentina: Mendoza For the Curious

Malbec. A type of grape and the wine made from this grape.

Nicolás Catena. Founder of the Catena Winery.

Bodega. A wine cellar or a wine bar.

Francis Mallman. Renowned chef.

Gaucho. The cowboy of the pampas, or grassy expanses of Argentina.

Pampas. The plains or lowlands of Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.

Chimichurri. A sauce usually served with Argentinean barbecued meats.

Boleadoras or Bolas. A type of throwing device used in southern South America to capture animals.

Inca. A Native American civilization of South America.

Huape. Native American group of South America. Also a common surname and place name in southern South America

Mendocino. A resident of Mendoza.

Mate. A popular hot drink in southern South America and often shared (from the same cup) among friends.

Bombilla. A straw-like device used to strain and drink mate.

Guaraní. A Native American people of Southern South America.í

Patagonia. The southernmost region of South America.

Boliche. A dance club.

Tango. A form of music and ballroom dance usually associated with the Buenos Aires area.

Salsa. A dance style or fusion of Latin American dances, and the music for this dance.