Argentina: Mendoza Where We Went


Mendoza. The capital city of Mendoza Province in the west of Argentina and famous wine-producing region known for its Malbec grape.,_Argentina

Rio Mendoza. River in western Argentina offering great white-water rafting opportunities.

Ruta de los Vinos (The Wine Route). Extensive area of Mendoza Province that includes many vineyards. Reservations are required at some wineries, however.

Cuyo. The wine-producing region in western Argentina.

Pampas. The plains or lowlands of Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.

Uspallata Pass (Bermejo Pass). Pass through the Andes mountains between Mendoza, Argentina, and Santiago, Chile.

Andes. The mountain range of South America.

Pan-American Highway. A network of roads from Alaska to the southern tip of South America, excluding passage from Panamá to Colombia through the Darién Peninsula.

Aconcagua. The highest mountain outside the Himalayas and an easy driver from the city of Mendoza.

Featured music performances

Pario la Choca

Where we stayed

Park Hyatt Mendoza. Luxury hotel at the Plaza de la Independencia in the city of Mendoza with attached casino.

Places we visited

Catena Winery. A vineyard in Mendoza Province

Finca Bella Vista. A winery in the province of Mendoza.

Restaurant 1884 (Francis Mallman 1884 Restaurant). A renowned restaurant in the city of Mendoza.

Plaza de Espana. A central square or park in the city of Mendoza.

Plaza Independencia (Plaza de la Independencia). A central square or park in the city of Mendoza.

Soul Café. A dance club in the city of Mendoza.