Thailand: Andaman Coast For the Curious


Hongs. Naturally formed, cave-like openings in the middle of rocky islands found near Phuket.

“Sabai, sabai.” A favorite Thai expression that means, approximately, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

“Kap Pun Kap.” Thai greeting often accompanied by the Wai gesture–fingertips held together as if in prayer and then brought to meet near the eyes with a slight bow of the forehead.

Baht. Basic unit of Thai currency.

Rong-Ngeng. A traditional folk dance and music celebration customarily performed on special occasions by Thai Sea Gypsies.

Sea Gypsies. Any of several groups in southeast Asia.

Staghorn Coral. A type of branching coral.

Peter Wells. American sailor and windsurfer.

Tin Mine Restaurant. Informal, partially outdoors restaurant at the Indigo Pearl resort hotel.

Ban Talae Nok. Anadaman coast community severely affected by the November 27, 2007 tsunami.