Thailand: Andaman Coast Where We Went


Andaman Sea. A part of the Indian Ocean between the Bay of Bengal, Myanmar, Thailand, and the Andaman Islands.

Andaman Coast. The southern coast of Thailand from Myanmar to Malaysia.

Andaman Islands. Islands in the Andaman Sea of Thailand.

Phuket. The southern island that is the main Andaman Sea tourist destination in Thailand.

Nai Yang Beach. A National Marine Park and hotel area on the north of Phuket Island.

Patong. Patong Beach is the main tourist area in Phuket.

Phang Nga Bay. Area near Phuket famous for its picturesque limestone cliffs, sea caves, and small islands.

Promthep Cape. Southern-most end of Phuket Island best known for its colorful sunsets, which mainly are a result of extreme air pollution to the south of the island.

Buddha Island. A smaller island near Phuket.

Racha Islands. Some of the smaller islands near Phuket.

Racha Yai. A smaller island near Phuket.

Racha Noi. A smaller island near Phuket.

Ban Talae Nok. Anadaman coast community severely affected by the November 27, 2007, tsunami.

Tour guides:

Educational Travel Center (ETC), Bangkok Office.

Andaman Discoveries. Andaman Discoveries offers ecological and cultural travel tours of North Andaman villages in Thailand.

John Gray Sea Canoe tours

SongThai. Luxury Wooden Schooner.

Where we stayed:

Home stay in Ban Talae Nok arranged by Andaman Discoveries.

Indigo Pearl. One of Phuket’s most modern and luxurious resort hotels.


Phuket Market
Pat’s Cooking School with Pat Tienthong. Thai chef and cooking teacher. Shop in the Phuket market and make Thai food together in a class or by private appointment.


Ussaleemala. A Thai folk music group who play a type of Thai traditional music played by a people called Sea Gypsies.